Left the mountains

…for island life at Ulvön. Got a boat… Don’t know anything about boats which means me and My hubbie are working on our communications skills… Meaning I freak out a bit and talk a lot. Tobie just drives and actually DO stuff. It’s a wonder that he loves me must be due to my general awesomeness (somewhat lacking in the boating department though). 

Cat woke me up crazy early.. So I guess I might be blogging again… Perhaps. 


Apron from heaven?


Yesterday I ordered the cutest apron ever! I visited the Etsy shop Creative Chicks and they have a whole bunch of gorgeous aprons! 

So now it will just be a couple of weeks wait (I presume) and then this beauty will land at my house taking the baking experience to another level!


I love it!


Gosh! I wasn’t all too happy when the alarm went off this morning… I am slowly trying to turn the day towards hoppin’ up a bit earlier. Normally I am a morning person but the last couple of days… Ehrm week I have been up late and not been out of bed until tenish. Since I am going back to work next week (not tomorrow do give me some credit for planning ahead..) and then on the morning shift (begin at seven) I really need to sort my sleeping habits now.

Anyways, I have now woken up quite a bit and just finished my breakfast. On my running schedule it says I shall run 6K today, let me say I am NOT keen on this at all. Yesterday was a battle just to run 3K which caught me about off guard since it has been going so good so far. My mind wanted to kill me almost in each slope… Not the best feeling. Oh we’ll I will run this afternoon and we’ll just see how it goes. I guess my poor lazybone is struggling for his (mind u his! She is not a lady) survival. Now lets start with a walk to wake those legs up!



I never thought this day would come. I am starting to drink protein shake as a supplement!

Why? Well.. I have trouble eating sufficient amounts of food. And especially protein. Sure, I like fish and all but I love veggies, resulting in me cooking (or rather hubbie) a really well balanced meal and then when I eat I pick out my favorites (being veggies and perhaps some cheese) and leaving a huge portion of meat (a little less if it is fish).

So now I have bought three different flavours of Star Nutritions Whey-80, chocolate, mint chocolate and strawberry. After having been looking quite suspiciously at them for a couple of days I took the great leap and tried my first one today! It wasn’t actually that bad, perhaps even a bit yummie… a bit.

But since I have my superduperpink shaker I think that i will succeed at taking theese for a while as snacks.. perhaps 2 times a day. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted whether i believe this helps or not.


Superduperpink Smartshake.. with clever storage.


Baking bonanza

Wow.. I have had a great day today!

Started the day with baking for two friends who’s kids are on their way for summer break. Happy days indeed. A couple of Rhubarb Cupcakes and a chocolate cake called “Kärleksmums” directly translated that would be Loveyummies.. hehe.

Rhubarb Cupcakes

Yummie (hopefully) vanilla cupcakes with rhubarb frosting

Just when I began my baking the handyman came and fixed our water heater! Yeay! While I was in the kitchen I also whipped together a huge batch of meat sauce for future yummienes. Very proud of myself.

As if this was not enough awesomeness from me, I also got my rear out of the couch.. (reading a very nice book at the moment) and went for a 5 k jog. Woop woop on me or what.. and what was I rewarded with when I came back home? The first hot shower since we bought the house!! Lovely!


Yup.. I was, am pretty surprised over my win over my mind.. hehe.. I didz it! pew pew.














Now it is time for bed.. kitteh is waiting, just a bit annoyed with hubbie being away and me not being in bed already. Worthless human!


Go to bed already you stupid human!