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Wow.. I have had a great day today!

Started the day with baking for two friends who’s kids are on their way for summer break. Happy days indeed. A couple of Rhubarb Cupcakes and a chocolate cake called “Kärleksmums” directly translated that would be Loveyummies.. hehe.

Rhubarb Cupcakes

Yummie (hopefully) vanilla cupcakes with rhubarb frosting

Just when I began my baking the handyman came and fixed our water heater! Yeay! While I was in the kitchen I also whipped together a huge batch of meat sauce for future yummienes. Very proud of myself.

As if this was not enough awesomeness from me, I also got my rear out of the couch.. (reading a very nice book at the moment) and went for a 5 k jog. Woop woop on me or what.. and what was I rewarded with when I came back home? The first hot shower since we bought the house!! Lovely!


Yup.. I was, am pretty surprised over my win over my mind.. hehe.. I didz it! pew pew.














Now it is time for bed.. kitteh is waiting, just a bit annoyed with hubbie being away and me not being in bed already. Worthless human!


Go to bed already you stupid human!


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I am back home after a couple of days on the road. Well almost a week actually.

We started out with a celebration of Mr T’s sisters son who graduated. Wohoo.. and he did it with good grades and all, I like! Unfortunately I was enjoying myself so much that i totally forgot to take some photos. But on the other hand, sometimes it’s just very nice to relax and go with the flow a bit.

On th 6th of June we celebrated Sweden’s National day with a trip to the summer house and an outing to Nordvik agricultural school. Found loads of stuff that I wanted for our garden, but both me and hubbie were good and we didn’t buy anything (except for a goat cheese, but it was tiny and it vanished at lunch so it can’t possibly count?). We are trying to focus on getting what we already have in order, not too easy being sometimes two very lazy people. Happy… but a bit too comfortable perhaps?

Anyways, now i am back home after having dropped my husband of at Ulvö Hotel were he is finding some inspiration in the kitchen for a short while. He looked like he would be enjoying himself a lot on that island. I stayed for a night, found a great path in the woods that I took a run through… wonderful! Not as hilly as it is back here.

Today I have been trying a new recipe for vanilla cupcakes that I will make for a friend who’s child is finishing first grade in school. I will make vanilla and rhubarb cupcakes for Friday, she will pick them up on Thursday.

The recipe worked fine so I have just enjoyed a cup of coffee and a muffin (with some orange curd on top).

Life is pretty good.

Vanilla muffin

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… made some chocolate pudding to dessert today. It turned out tasting awesome.. but I forgot to take any pictures of it… duhhh.

Will try to fix that soonish.. I will definitely make these yummsies again så no worries about that.

Right now i am dreaming of the berrie season to come.. ohhh how i long for it.. just imagine.. blueberries and some cold milk.. ohhhh… neeed!



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Sponge cake

I have a score to settle with our old friend Mrs. Sponge Cake! She seem to have been quite upset with me… Which has resulted in a close to hatred from my part. There just hasn’t been any way to reason with her!

Anyways since I was feeling pretty good about myself after cleaning the kitchen I thought it was time to have another “sitting” with this grand old lady.

So I tried a new recipe, and guess what!? Me and the mrs are the best of friends again. Oh the joy!

So the recipe was as u will find below. (Victory!!!!)

2 eggs
2dl granulated sugar
75 grams of melted butter
3 dl flour
1,5 teaspoons of baking soda
2 teaspoons of vanilla sugar
1 dl milk

So here is how you do it (the lady has some specific requests or she won’t cooperate the least bit and turns out grumpier than most).

1. Whisk the sugar and eggs together. Keep that going now, don’t be lazy. You need to whisk it until the sugar is completely dissolved… That means you won’t feel any sugary crunch if you taste it… Just smooth yummines!

2. Melt the butter

3. Sift the flour, baking soda and vanilla sugar together in a separate bowl.

4. Now add the flour mixture to the supersmooth yummines and stir it together. Now don’t go whisking it together that just won’t do. Ok?

5. Pour the milk into the melted butter and then stir it together. Once again, don’t whisk it. I said no!

6. Pour the batter into the mold (is that even the correct word?)

7. Snap it into the oven in 175 degrees (did I mention to put it on the lowest level thingie in the oven?) for 35 minutes.

8. Let the cake cool completely in the mold (once again this surely isn’t the right word is it!?) before you carefully take it out of the form.

9. Enjoy!


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So after Hubbie made all of that wonderful icecream we had a bunch if egg whites left over. And what goes together with icecream if not merengues?

So I set out to make some lovely merengue yesterday. I don’t know about you but I love it when they are a bit chewy in the middle like right after the last of the “wetness” has gone from the centre of the merengue. Anyways here is the recipe for my merengue.

9 egg whites
6 dl of granulated sugar
3 ml measuring spoons of acetum

1. Separate the egg whites from the yolks and put them in a clean bowl. (Congrats to you if you own a lovely kitchen aid or similar thingie! Makes life easier!)

2. Start whisking the eggwhites together, slowly at first just to wake those cute little protein fibers upp. Then whisk more rapidly, I tend to go about a 6 on the kitchen aid.

3. When you have a good stable foam (takes a couple of minutes) add the acetum and whisk for an additional minute or so.

4. Add the sugar (while whisking away, did I mention that I love the kitchen aid?) a little at a time and whisk until you’ve got a shiny, stiff fluff.

5. Put the merengue in a piping bag and pipe out the fluffiness on a plate covered with baking paper.

6. Put the merengues in the oven. I used the hot air function and put in three plates at once. The oven was then at 110c. I guess it would go at approximate 125c if u don’t have a convection oven. Not sure though. The meringues need about 50-60 min in the oven. Taste one before you take them all out.

If you want to you can also color your merengue. Add some food coloring and tenderly turn it into the merengue. Do not whisk! If you add chocolate sauce make your own melted one as slowly turn it into the merengue.


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