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Even when the weather isn’t all that good, the Åre valley still look amazing. This is part of the reason why we moved here!

I love it!



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A wonderful week is over

Today we said goodbye to most of our guests who have been staying at our beautiful hotel this week. This has been one of the most demanindig, and rewarding, weeks since the christmas holidays. It was a true joy to work the front desk today, we were a great team and all guests left wishing that they could have stayed a little bit longer.

Many of this week’s guests were returning families which is so much fun! We litterally get to watch the kids grow up in front of our eyes, cuter than cutest! I hope that they get the same feeling of home as I had of Riva del Sole, a resort in Italy that my family went to year after year. I have some of my most precious memories from that place.

It is during these times of the season that I truly deeply love my work. To give our guests the service they want and need and watch them enjoy themselves, relax and to some extend almost feel like they own the hotel. It is wonderful to watch all the smiling faces. It is hard saying good bye, but I know that most of them actually will return again, and that is a great feeling.

This was the view that departing guests was given on their departure... it's like the mountain says, "dont be a stranger!"

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I am back!

Finally! After days of fever and a nose that clearly has not been my best friend!  Today I woke up and felt no fever at all! It allways strikes me as quite amazing to wake up the first day without the fever… Wish I could cling on to that feeling a little bit longer.

This is the day when allmost all of the guests that have been staying for the last week at the hotel depart back home for their everyday life. This week has been so good and I hope to see most of them back again next year, if not sooner.

Ok.. off to work now. Here’s a little tip!

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..but not good yet. But I will take some drugs, take a shower, blow my nose and put on some make up and I should be good for the four hours of work that is all I have to do today. I have the best boss ever. For real. She is great!

Yesterday it felt as if I was about to die.. today I feel.. well not strong but a whole lot better! The better part of my life, Hubbie, went by the grocery store and bought a whole lot of healthy foods rich on vitamin c for me yesterday. I have married the best man ever! I love him.

Yesterday evening was spent watching the movies We are Marshall and Avatar (which means mostly sleeping on the couch). I also managed to loose a smal pot of sauce bearnais on the way from my car to my sofa!? I am sincerely hoping to find it sooner rather then later. I just don’t understand how I can loose stuff that easily? Weird.

I did manage to wake up in the evening to apply some neulash, so day 2 has been completed.. can’t wait for results and I force myself not to look too closely in the mirror (for more than one reason right now).

This is what my nose felt like yesterday.. not as beautiful and perhaps without the green thingies on top.

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I’ve got the fever…

… Fever! (singing in an even worse voice than usual). I really do not appreciate to wake up in the morning and feel like a bag of something I took out from the cat’s litterbox.

What I do like however is to be sereved hubbies medicine (a tea of sorts that is brewedon ginger,lemon, garlic and honey) if that’s not love I don’t know what is.

Oh well.. I’ll better just drink it all up and make my self ready for work. Can’t go looking like this.. I should have had those loooong eyelashes now.. that would have been good.

Hubbies medicine in a teapot!

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