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Gosh! I wasn’t all too happy when the alarm went off this morning… I am slowly trying to turn the day towards hoppin’ up a bit earlier. Normally I am a morning person but the last couple of days… Ehrm week I have been up late and not been out of bed until tenish. Since I am going back to work next week (not tomorrow do give me some credit for planning ahead..) and then on the morning shift (begin at seven) I really need to sort my sleeping habits now.

Anyways, I have now woken up quite a bit and just finished my breakfast. On my running schedule it says I shall run 6K today, let me say I am NOT keen on this at all. Yesterday was a battle just to run 3K which caught me about off guard since it has been going so good so far. My mind wanted to kill me almost in each slope… Not the best feeling. Oh we’ll I will run this afternoon and we’ll just see how it goes. I guess my poor lazybone is struggling for his (mind u his! She is not a lady) survival. Now lets start with a walk to wake those legs up!



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Wow.. I have had a great day today!

Started the day with baking for two friends who’s kids are on their way for summer break. Happy days indeed. A couple of Rhubarb Cupcakes and a chocolate cake called “Kärleksmums” directly translated that would be Loveyummies.. hehe.

Rhubarb Cupcakes

Yummie (hopefully) vanilla cupcakes with rhubarb frosting

Just when I began my baking the handyman came and fixed our water heater! Yeay! While I was in the kitchen I also whipped together a huge batch of meat sauce for future yummienes. Very proud of myself.

As if this was not enough awesomeness from me, I also got my rear out of the couch.. (reading a very nice book at the moment) and went for a 5 k jog. Woop woop on me or what.. and what was I rewarded with when I came back home? The first hot shower since we bought the house!! Lovely!


Yup.. I was, am pretty surprised over my win over my mind.. hehe.. I didz it! pew pew.














Now it is time for bed.. kitteh is waiting, just a bit annoyed with hubbie being away and me not being in bed already. Worthless human!


Go to bed already you stupid human!

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The inspiration has come to me and hubbie. Last week when we came round and started the wonderful journey back to a healthy life!

I am one of those who need a purpose with what I am doing, it is actually really important to me and I find it really hard (if not impossible) to get myself to do something if I don’t have a clear goal with whatever i am doing. So during dinner at Mr T’s parents we (or if it was a fika?) sat and talked about participating in various races, Mr T’s sister had participated in “Vårruset” and finished with a better time than she thought she could, resulting in her upping her training a bit and feeling (i presume) great! I instantly got an urge to list myself for a race just to have a set goal to work towards.

I have been talking about doing another try at Lidingöloppet, a 30 km terrain run in Stockholm, next autumn, but that is just too far away! So I started looking into different races and found Salomon Trail Tour that consists of 15 different races throughout Sweden. I won’t participate in all of them but has my goal set on running 6,5 or 10 km in Sundsvall on the 7th of August. I haven’t quite made up my mind yet, and has set that date for the 1st of July, that’s when I have to decide. Yeay!


So last week I broke into my new lovely Icebugs that I finally bought after more than a year of longing! And I love them, no more slippery slope when I struggle up all those hills that surround us, it’s sooooooo nice. Did I mention that I love the shoes? I actually had a pair of Salomon shoes before, but i wore the rubber “spikes” out so I have them as a second pair now.. still love them.


A great shoe! Just saw that it is on sale at Sportamore so go there and buy it if you love running in the terrain!

My easily achievable goal for June is to have run a total of 50 km this month. I might have set the goal a bit too low, but i really want to give myself the boost of achieving my goals easily now when I start running again. It feels great so far. I strongly believe that one should try and find all the different tools possible that you find will help you to achieve your goals. I use an app called Runkeeper to keep track of my rounds and easily see my progress. Another app that I probably will use more later on, not really in the mood now, is Zombierun. A fun app where you run as part of a game and you are chased by Zombies! So this time I really will succeed!


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