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…for island life at Ulvön. Got a boat… Don’t know anything about boats which means me and My hubbie are working on our communications skills… Meaning I freak out a bit and talk a lot. Tobie just drives and actually DO stuff. It’s a wonder that he loves me must be due to my general awesomeness (somewhat lacking in the boating department though). 

Cat woke me up crazy early.. So I guess I might be blogging again… Perhaps. 



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Apron from heaven?


Yesterday I ordered the cutest apron ever! I visited the Etsy shop Creative Chicks and they have a whole bunch of gorgeous aprons! 

So now it will just be a couple of weeks wait (I presume) and then this beauty will land at my house taking the baking experience to another level!


I love it!

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With risk of repeating myself but I strongly believe in this!

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Yesterday when I spoke to my sister she revealed to me that she was just on her way to the gym to buy her membership for the summer. She had had a realization that she was not in her best form ever (to put it mildly) and thus decided to go back to working out. Cheers for my sister and i applaud her. Anyways during our conversation we began to talk about how to change our habits and I came to think about this book that i listened to and that I really love. It is called “The power of Habit” and is written by New York Times reporter Charles Duhigg. The book gived hope to all of us who sometimes feel as if we are victims within our own life, you can change if you want to.

I found this interview with Charles Duhigg, it’s a little over 30 min long but well invested time for sure.


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House spa

Ok.. so this thing with me starting to blog again.. well it isn’t going all too well now is it? Don’t fret however I haven’t given up hope on myself. I just need to find the rhythm again. 

Anyways, right now me and hubbie have a little projekt of turning our red and green house into a Swedish classic red and white.. yeay! We have come a bit under way and soon we can see the end of it. I hope to finnish a lot of the house today (since it will start raining tomorrow!). Since hubbie went back to work today it will be me and Asti the cat working. We will see how it goes. 

Wish me luck!


It’s all in the details….

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