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I never thought this day would come. I am starting to drink protein shake as a supplement!

Why? Well.. I have trouble eating sufficient amounts of food. And especially protein. Sure, I like fish and all but I love veggies, resulting in me cooking (or rather hubbie) a really well balanced meal and then when I eat I pick out my favorites (being veggies and perhaps some cheese) and leaving a huge portion of meat (a little less if it is fish).

So now I have bought three different flavours of Star Nutritions Whey-80, chocolate, mint chocolate and strawberry. After having been looking quite suspiciously at them for a couple of days I took the great leap and tried my first one today! It wasn’t actually that bad, perhaps even a bit yummie… a bit.

But since I have my superduperpink shaker I think that i will succeed at taking theese for a while as snacks.. perhaps 2 times a day. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted whether i believe this helps or not.


Superduperpink Smartshake.. with clever storage.



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Yesterday was a good day (now that I look back on it anyhow). However one thing is now plain for me to see, my brain is right now my worst enemy. I have a huge devil up there that is trying to convince me to relax, have a rest, you did a workout yesterday and now you are sore so don’t do anything today and on and on it goes.

Hubbie stated that he felt like going for a jog, and we have a mutual agreement that if any one of us wants to do that, then the other should follow, so that we can support each other. My legs were killing me and my brain said lazy stuff, but I but on my running shoes and off we went. Oh boy was this one of my worst rounds ever! I got so frustrated with my negative attitude that I at one point wanted to cry (I din’t though). After the toughest hill I screamed like a crazy lady to get rid of some frustration, at that point I could have hit someone. However bad I tried to get the right mindset I just couldn’t do it. All that went through my head was “Why are you even trying? You know that you shouldn’t work out too much, you will only get injured. Be careful, think about your allergies.” And so on.. it was driving me insane, after the scream it got a bit better for a while and I used my anger to just push through for a while, off course causing me to feel a bit of pain in one of my knees (no worries though) but it was nice.. just to be able to channel your energies into a more effective run. But boy was it hard and boy is this struggle far from over.

I do believe that it is the little slacker within me that is fighting for survival, I so want to get my healthy life back after years of it being away.. and my little slacker is not so happy about that. But I shall continue this and I shall prevail and live happily ever after! Yup I will!

The best part about the run yesterday was that it became so obvious for me that this is my main challenge right now.. my darling little pea brain. It makes it easier somehow, it gets me to focus on that and not on anything else. I know I can run, I know that I can push through… but right now I truly have to focus on getting the right mindset. In order to continue my mental workout I eagerly (and with a lot of dread) jumped on Lisa-Marie’s (from BodyRock.tv) challenge of no sugar for 14 days. Managed the first day yesterday..

On the whole, I am proud of myself, which is a nice feeling. (I didn’t even have a late night snack when I got home from work yesterday.. had a banana at work around 22.00 and the straight to bed at home! Pew pew on me!)

Pretty much sums it up I think!

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On it…

… agian. But my body is screaming at me right now. It wants me to go back to bed and snuggle up beside hubbie, but I wont do it! No I wont! I will do my 12 min workout (the same as yesterday) and then I will take a long shower and have a wonderful breakfast. Doesn’t that sound just wonderful? It does…

So yesterday evening I went for my 5km jog. The day before this lap killed me, my body felt heavy and I had huge trouble breathing, haven’t felt like that in over a year. So I though.. no! This will not do I will have to do it again and it will be easier today. Let me tell you, it was not! But I managed to push through, with a little bit of walking and interval running instead and I was quite satisfied with myself when I got home. Not with the run, it was like running in mud and my legs felt like to dead weights that I had to carry around, but with the fact that I did it.

So today my body is hurting and I know that comes from the Body Rock I did yesterday… so to sum it up.. time to scare the cat again and wake up hubbie with my hufs and pufs and shuffling feet.

Wish me luck..

Yesterday’s lunch.. it was yummie! Wish I had more salmon at home, would eat it gladly again!

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So.. for the last couple of months (almost since march/april really), me and Mr T have been discussing how we can improve our life. Not wanting to bring on too much change at once we have taken one thing at a time. The biggest change stands for hubbie, he has consistently been working on not spending too much time at work. Mostly to get a higher quality of life, but also to be able to focus on himself, me and other things he love in life! Hubbie has succeeded well over my wildes expectations so far and I am immensely proud of him.

After a couple of months of just recuperating (for hubbie) we decided to stop eating candy and drinking soda pops. We actually reduced this a lot during the winter so it really wasn’t too much of an effort. In late may I decided to make a couple of weeks almost sugar free to detox myself since I am a sugaroholic. Boy was that hard! But I managed and got a lot better taste buds after and a more stable blood sugar and a better appetite afterwards.. YEAY for me! However, since one of my greatest passions in life is baking cookies and such, I have not put up a goal that cut outs all sweet things in life. I would just not like that life at all. But, I have promised myself not to eat anything sweet that is not “home made”. Just to make it a bit harder to grab a sweet but also to know that when I do, I know what I put in to my body. This has actually gone very good… as long as we don’t have long drives in the car… I hate that and tend to snack och crap… getting better at eating fruits and making picnic bags instead though..

So after these small changes we are now starting our focus on working out and taking care of our bodies. Hubbie is, as usual, super duper good and a great inspiration for me. (A slacker of nature, even when I worked out a lot…) We are running a couple of times a week together, and hubbie is more or less living at the gym. Since I hate the gym I will start Bodyrocking for real, on the 1st of August. I will do this challenge http://www.bodyrock.tv/2012/01/02/day-1-of-our-30-day-challenge-fit-test/ in August.. and I will post my measurements here. Tadaaa.. I am scared.

Until august the first I am doing this workout just to wrap my head around it and get a boost.. ’cause I love it!

This is a big change for me… I will have to work so hard to be consistent with my work outs! Those are my goal this month, I will not go into forcing myself to make any further changes this month.. (they will probably come anyway as a positive side effect). I hope that I have enough will power to do this.. I soooooo want this! Sorry for the wall of text…

Still planning to cuddle this little fellow though… he’s not too fond of me hopping around at home…



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