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Wow.. I have had a great day today!

Started the day with baking for two friends who’s kids are on their way for summer break. Happy days indeed. A couple of Rhubarb Cupcakes and a chocolate cake called “K√§rleksmums” directly translated that would be Loveyummies.. hehe.

Rhubarb Cupcakes

Yummie (hopefully) vanilla cupcakes with rhubarb frosting

Just when I began my baking the handyman came and fixed our water heater! Yeay! While I was in the kitchen I also whipped together a huge batch of meat sauce for future yummienes. Very proud of myself.

As if this was not enough awesomeness from me, I also got my rear out of the couch.. (reading a very nice book at the moment) and went for a 5 k jog. Woop woop on me or what.. and what was I rewarded with when I came back home? The first hot shower since we bought the house!! Lovely!


Yup.. I was, am pretty surprised over my win over my mind.. hehe.. I didz it! pew pew.














Now it is time for bed.. kitteh is waiting, just a bit annoyed with hubbie being away and me not being in bed already. Worthless human!


Go to bed already you stupid human!


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