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I am back home after a couple of days on the road. Well almost a week actually.

We started out with a celebration of Mr T’s sisters son who graduated. Wohoo.. and he did it with good grades and all, I like! Unfortunately I was enjoying myself so much that i totally forgot to take some photos. But on the other hand, sometimes it’s just very nice to relax and go with the flow a bit.

On th 6th of June we celebrated Sweden’s National day with a trip to the summer house and an outing to Nordvik agricultural school. Found loads of stuff that I wanted for our garden, but both me and hubbie were good and we didn’t buy anything (except for a goat cheese, but it was tiny and it vanished at lunch so it can’t possibly count?). We are trying to focus on getting what we already have in order, not too easy being sometimes two very lazy people. Happy… but a bit too comfortable perhaps?

Anyways, now i am back home after having dropped my husband of at Ulvö Hotel were he is finding some inspiration in the kitchen for a short while. He looked like he would be enjoying himself a lot on that island. I stayed for a night, found a great path in the woods that I took a run through… wonderful! Not as hilly as it is back here.

Today I have been trying a new recipe for vanilla cupcakes that I will make for a friend who’s child is finishing first grade in school. I will make vanilla and rhubarb cupcakes for Friday, she will pick them up on Thursday.

The recipe worked fine so I have just enjoyed a cup of coffee and a muffin (with some orange curd on top).

Life is pretty good.

Vanilla muffin


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So.. for the last couple of months (almost since march/april really), me and Mr T have been discussing how we can improve our life. Not wanting to bring on too much change at once we have taken one thing at a time. The biggest change stands for hubbie, he has consistently been working on not spending too much time at work. Mostly to get a higher quality of life, but also to be able to focus on himself, me and other things he love in life! Hubbie has succeeded well over my wildes expectations so far and I am immensely proud of him.

After a couple of months of just recuperating (for hubbie) we decided to stop eating candy and drinking soda pops. We actually reduced this a lot during the winter so it really wasn’t too much of an effort. In late may I decided to make a couple of weeks almost sugar free to detox myself since I am a sugaroholic. Boy was that hard! But I managed and got a lot better taste buds after and a more stable blood sugar and a better appetite afterwards.. YEAY for me! However, since one of my greatest passions in life is baking cookies and such, I have not put up a goal that cut outs all sweet things in life. I would just not like that life at all. But, I have promised myself not to eat anything sweet that is not “home made”. Just to make it a bit harder to grab a sweet but also to know that when I do, I know what I put in to my body. This has actually gone very good… as long as we don’t have long drives in the car… I hate that and tend to snack och crap… getting better at eating fruits and making picnic bags instead though..

So after these small changes we are now starting our focus on working out and taking care of our bodies. Hubbie is, as usual, super duper good and a great inspiration for me. (A slacker of nature, even when I worked out a lot…) We are running a couple of times a week together, and hubbie is more or less living at the gym. Since I hate the gym I will start Bodyrocking for real, on the 1st of August. I will do this challenge http://www.bodyrock.tv/2012/01/02/day-1-of-our-30-day-challenge-fit-test/ in August.. and I will post my measurements here. Tadaaa.. I am scared.

Until august the first I am doing this workout just to wrap my head around it and get a boost.. ’cause I love it!

This is a big change for me… I will have to work so hard to be consistent with my work outs! Those are my goal this month, I will not go into forcing myself to make any further changes this month.. (they will probably come anyway as a positive side effect). I hope that I have enough will power to do this.. I soooooo want this! Sorry for the wall of text…

Still planning to cuddle this little fellow though… he’s not too fond of me hopping around at home…



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A wonderful week is over

Today we said goodbye to most of our guests who have been staying at our beautiful hotel this week. This has been one of the most demanindig, and rewarding, weeks since the christmas holidays. It was a true joy to work the front desk today, we were a great team and all guests left wishing that they could have stayed a little bit longer.

Many of this week’s guests were returning families which is so much fun! We litterally get to watch the kids grow up in front of our eyes, cuter than cutest! I hope that they get the same feeling of home as I had of Riva del Sole, a resort in Italy that my family went to year after year. I have some of my most precious memories from that place.

It is during these times of the season that I truly deeply love my work. To give our guests the service they want and need and watch them enjoy themselves, relax and to some extend almost feel like they own the hotel. It is wonderful to watch all the smiling faces. It is hard saying good bye, but I know that most of them actually will return again, and that is a great feeling.

This was the view that departing guests was given on their departure... it's like the mountain says, "dont be a stranger!"

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